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22 août 2005

Questionnaire : mes petits bonheurs


Paris is deserted, and so food blogosphere. Indeed a new questionnaire has appeared but it seems to me that a few of us answered it. I thank Frédérique for asking me to answer it.
I have to list 10 delights. With this sun and this fine weather, I just have to shut my eyes and feel the sun to be happy ! But I have other small delights as :

1. to taste a piece of dark chocolate after dinner
2. to open Elle just when I get it to find their new recipes
3. to take off a cake from oven
4. to dive in a fresh swimming pool after being very hot
5. to decorate a Christmas tree
6. to get up early when everybody is asleep
7. the first minuts in my bed just before sinking into sleep
8. to wear a new garment I sewed for the first time
9. to organize a dinner for my friends or my family
10. to visit a foreign country

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