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30 août 2005

Biryani aux crevettes


Here is a recipe my honey "asked" to me. Indeed, when reading Elle, his eyes fell on it and he seemed to be very interested. I said to myseld that it must be possible and embarked on it.

I thought that the hardest would be to buy everything (and indeed, I didn't find the beans but as it isn't the main ingredient in the dish, I estimate it is not serious).

In fact, preparation was rather tough as well. But I don't want to discouraged you from doing it!! I only had some issues with the rice cooking. I had already tried to cook some curried rice (I couls add this dish in the questionnaire "Souvenirs d'enfance", I was fond of the one my mom did even if I didn't like onions in those days and I was spending 10 minutes at least to take them from the rice). From memory, I didn'never succeeded to make a good curried rice. And again, it was a failure since the rice was strange. Hopefully, as you will se in the recipe, my honey was there to support and help me.

On the other hand, if rice doesn't have any secret for you, this dish is for you !

Ingredients (serving 12 persons but proportions are easily divisible)
- 48 large prawns ,
- 1 kg of basmati rice,
- 1 kg of fresh green peas,
- 1 kg of beans,
- 500 g of French bean,
- 4 onions,
- 1 bunch of coriander,
- 8 cloves,
- 4 small cinnamon sticks,
- 8 pods of green cardamom,
- 8 grinded black peppercorn,
- 1 tablespoon of powder curcuma,
- 2 doses of saffron filaments,
- 200 g of cashew nuts (no salted),
- 200 g of sultanas,
- 10 cl of sunflower oil,
- 4 tablespoons of olive oil,
- salt,
- 1 piece of ginger (2 cm),
- 4 garlic cloves,
- juice of one lime,
- 1 teaspoon of Garam Massala (or curry),
- tablespoons of olive oil,

Shell green peas and beans. Plunge them 2 minutes in boiling water and peel them. If you don't have beans, you can put more green peas.
Remove the stalk from French peas and cut them into 3. Blanch them minutes in salted boiling water. As a reminder, to blanch only means to throw them into  boiling water and take them off after the lapse of time which was indicated.
Peel and chop onions. Rince, dry and thin out coriander.

Remove heads and tails of prawns. To do that, the easiest is to equip oneself with a pair of scissors : cut the head with the scissors and then insert a blade between the legs, under the skin and cut. After that, the tail  comes off easily.

Rince several times the rice until water gets limpid and strain it some moments. Heat sunflower oil in a large casserole with the spices (except one saffron dose). Add chopped onions and extend cooking on a moderate heat until they become translucid. Then pour rice and mix delicately with spicy oil and onions. Cover with 2 cm of water. Add vegetable and sultanas. Here, the recipe recommends to go on cooking on a slow heat and coverd. This is what I did and according to me, I did wrong ! Because my rice absorbed all the water and became an awful mixture. Hopefully my honey, who knows much in rice cooking ;) came to my help and together, we recovered the vegetable and cooked again some rice. To conclude, the approach would be : let the water evaporate and when all the water is away, cover and let cook on a slow heat. The rice will thus be steam-cooked.

While rice is cooking, allow the prawns to marinate in olive oil, grater ginger and peeled and crushed garlic cloves, lime juice and Garam Massala. Mix the second saffron dose with some hot water (2 tablespoons are enough). Ten minutes before rice cooking ending, brwon the marinated prawns with the cashew nuts in olive oil, and stire delicately to the rice. Pour saffron infusion, add coriander and serve right away.


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