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16 octobre 2005

Tortilla pommes de terre


[potatoes tortilla]

I have always wondered how the Spanish do t make a tortilla which deserves its name, that is to say mellow but not drooling, golden but not burnt, with enough potatoes but not too much...
I remerbler as well with some nostalgia the wonderful omelet my mum made even if they are not at all the same as tortilla : potatoes were cut in very small dices, were baking during a very long time 'mellow inside and crispy outside...)
As far as I am concerned, I never had patience to wait for baking pieces of potatoes in a saucepan and my omelets are most of time sahpless. I thought a lot about this issue and finally, I tempted to make it on the oven. Result is not still what I am expecting but nevertheless, I mal hoping and I am trustful. I will succed in it one day or other ! I let you judge :

Ingredients (serving 6 people)
- 750 g of potatoes (bintje kind)
- 2 big onions
- 8 eggs
- 6 table spoon of olive oil
- salt, pepper

Peel potatoes, rince them and cut them in er les pommes de terre, les laver et les couper in 1/2 cm thick slices.
Peel onions (or shallots) and mince them finely.

Hot the olive oil in a big saucepan and make the potatoes golden and add onions. Stir 3 minutes and take off the fire. Drain potatoes and onions in a strainer.
For a lighter version : bak potatoes 10 minutes in boiling salted water and cook onions slightly in olive oil. It is what I did and I do think it is already very good, and I didn't get a greasy strainer I would have to clean !

In a bowl, whip eggs in omelet with salt, pepper and with some nutmeg if you want (it is not obliged!). Add potatoes and onions and stir.
Preheat oven to 180°C. Pour eggs in a pan (5 cm high). A porcelaine pan can be used too. Put it in the oven and bake during 30 minutes until tortilla is golden : if it begins to brown, it may be a little too cooked ... but I have to admid dosage is difficult ! It must be a dish you succed with expérience but after the succes it has with male race, I think I will make it often, when fridge is empty or when I am not feeling forward to cooking !

Taste it tepif ot at ambient temperature .

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